Hodgson wants more money

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Hodgson wants more money
Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson has admitted that he would like more money available to improve the squad before the end of the summer transfer window.
Liverpool have gotten off to a relatively good start this season but it's clear that Hodgson wants to strengthen the team in one or two areas. The Liverpool boss is running out of time to do so by the end of August.
Liverpool is a football club that has been caught up in ownership stories all summer long. Hodgson has come in under the radar and done very well at the club during his time in charge so far.
There are one or two clear areas of the team that could be improved before the start of September. However, Hodgson may be forced into making do with what he has until the club has been sold and new owners have settled in.
Areas to improve
Liverpool badly need another striker to play in the attack of the team. There is still far too much emphasis on Fernando Torres to score the majority of the club's goals this season.
Joe Cole was brought in as an attacking player but he will play more of a midfield role over the course of the season. He has already played one game as a striker for the club and he made no secret of the fact that he did not like playing out of position when he was at Chelsea.
The club are also going to have to compensate for the inevitable loss of Javier Mascherano in the middle of the team. The Argentine captain has said that he ultimately wants to move to another country and a deal could happen in January now it looks as though he won't leave by the end of August.
Hodgson said: "I'd like some money to spend if I could research where that money could be spent wisely. Giving me a lot now and telling me to go out and buy some players with one week of the transfer window left would not be particularly advantageous."
Make do for now
The potential funds for transfer activity would probably come from the very top of the club and this won't happen while there are still questions over the ownership of the club.
It's clear the Americans want out but until new owners move in there will be limited focus on the needs and wants of the manager in relation to the players that he is trying to bring to the club.
Hodgson added: "I've only been here for five weeks or so and I'd want to make sure I had assessed absolutely everyone, including those at the academy, just in case we have an outstanding 17-year-old. We might have a Javier Hernandez there so I don't want to go out and spend £50million on buying another one."
Betting advice
Liverpool do look like a very lively team who will be able to compete in the Premier League and the Europa League over the course of the season. Pay particular attention to the attacking players at the club. Focus on any injuries Liverpool have and how that will impact the side before you decide to back them.
The best and the safest option is to go on a match by match approach. This will allow you to see how the team perform on a weekly basis. This will be a lot better than gambling on them straight up when you do not know who is going to be playing when and where. This will also let you view the ownership issue and judge how this will impact the club.



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