Hey guys, basically i am the editor for the sport section of my schools newspaper and i need new ideas.?

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Hey guys, basically i am the editor for the sport section of my schools newspaper and i need new ideas, things to add to the section to make it way more interesting. In the past the sports section was the weakest but now that i am editor i want to make people look forward to reading it. What i need are some ideas of things i could add, i.e. we have a section that highlights specefic athletes in the school called the scoreboard, that would make it better such as the scoreboard i listed above.




  1. The man above me has it right!

    Most (failed) sports sections try to break down games play-by-play, or focus to much on the sport and not on the people who play them.

    Since most high school (I'm guessing you're HS) papers only come out 5-12 times a year, you can't focus too much on any particular game. You have to focus on the athlete's stories. Human interest is more interesting, anyway. ;-)

    So get your little sports underlings on beats of particular sports. If your school has a website, they can post individual game summaries there, but they should really focus on getting to know the coach and the players.

    Maybe you have an aspiring Olympic athlete at your school, or a person pitching intramural sports to your principal. The more bizarre the better in this case...whether it be a blooming table tennis player or an extreme unicycler. The way you'll find these stories is by talking to people!

    Also, if your paper doesn't have a sports column already, put one in. You're the editor, so you're considered the schools foremost expert on school sports-- you should have an objective column to inform the public!

    Finally, get your photogs crankin'! Good pictures are more important even than wizardly skills in Indesign (if you guys aren't using Indesign CS3, get on that...)

    Good luck, my friend, I hope you continue with press!

  2. Concentrate on people. Find out about their love of sports, how they got started, who their friends on the team are, etc.. Get their stories down.  

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