Henlow's Puppy Derby Trails preview

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Henlow's Puppy Derby Trails preview
Two Puppy Derby Trial Stakes Duplicates will be held at Henlow Thursday night. The heats begin on 18 November, and the £5000 final race is scheduled for 2 December.
Puppy Derby Trial Stakes Dup 21:00
Aero Ferret will race from the first trap. He’s one of two hounds in this race that have never raced before. He’s currently facing 6-1 odds, better than both Gottabe Kinda and Westmean Leon, who are at 7-1.
In trap two is Westmead Oscar; he’s got five career wins and five second place finishes in 12 career races. His last two races, both second place finishes, were A2 races. He’ll be expected to finish in the top three in this race.
Trap three will house Power Shared, the other hound in this race with no official experience. He’s got better odds than Ferret at 7-2. The only dog with better odds is Lethal King, making Power an interesting option, but a risky one. He’ll race from trap
Gottabe Kinda is in trap four, and has only won once in six career races. He’s a good one for punters to avoid.
In trap five is Westmead Leon, who won his first race on 28 September after six previous attempts. Leon is unlikely to make it two in a row, but as a long shot, punters could do worse.
Lethal King is trained by Seamus Cahill, and is the current race favourite at 6-4. He has two second place finishes in two career races. He’ll race from trap six.
Puppy Derby Trial Stakes Dup 21:15
Freedom Chief, another of Cahill’s hounds, will go from trap one in this race. He’s won his last two races, and is currently sitting at 9-4. He has a good chance to win this race, but will have to best Droopys Greg, who will race from the trap beside him.
Greg has won his first three career races, including a 1½ length victory over Lethal King. He’ll go from trap two.
In trap three is Droopys Immie, who has won three out of his five career races. His only blemish so far was a race on 16 October that saw him finish 10¼ lengths behind the winner in fifth place.
Westmead Lexy will race from the fourth trap. She’s a 10-1 long-shot in this race at the moment, but is fresh off an 11 October win in which she beat Westmean Leon by 4¾ lengths. She could prove to be a worthy long-shot bet if Chief and Greg slow each other
down in a tough battle.
In trap five is Droopys Doctor. He began his career by winning three out of four races, but hasn’t won in six since. This will probably not be a break-out race for the Doctor.
Ballymac Louise is looking at 6-1 odds, but has won two races in a row. She’s sitting in trap six, which she has yet to race from. The position could prove her to be a good outside racer, but it could also be her downfall in this race.



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