Help with wedding speech.?

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have any ideas how to relax when I give my speech at the wedding? I am doing a non-traditional bride speech and I feel like I am reading a book when I practice it.. it doesn't sound like me at all!!! I am not very good at public speaking and I want my speech to have some emotion in it and not like I am reciting a lecture. When I read it to myself it sounds great and out loud.... not so much, thank you!




  1. Watch wedding crashers. :) Rachel McAdams gives a riveting speech.  

  2. Just relax and focus on your husbands eyes.  Forget that there are even people watching.  Allow yourself to just get lost in the moment....b/c it is YOUR moment....YOUR day :)

  3. My answer is be spontaneous.  When the big day comes just speak from your heart, believe me your heart will be filled with love and emotion and the words will come.  Have a beautiful day and wonderful life with your partner.  

  4. Don't write it all out. Just have bullet points in your head because you never know what could happen that day before you actually give your speech that would be something nice to include.

    You're totally right, it should sounds natural, like you're having an articulated conversation with all your guests. If you write it out, it'll sound robotic.

    I'm also doing a speech (my fiance and I both wanted to say how happy we were to be included in the others' family), and I'm just saying a few nice words about how much I love my future inlaws. Short and sweet. No note cards, just a few ideas in my head.

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