Help with land line phone line suppliers please?

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I have just moved into a flat in the Battersea area of London and am having trouble finding out who the provider is for the phone line, I have phoned BT and they informed me the line was switched 6 months ago but can not tell me who to and would charge me £125 to reconnect with them....I have also called Virgin but its not with them.........not sure what else I can do besides rejoin BT. Any ideas greatly appreciated




  1. due to new regulations, if the line is not with bt retail, i.e. it's with talk talk, etc they will not know who it is with. best bet is to contact the last occupant if possible to find out who their supplier was, or last resort call ofcom, and they can reveal who the last supplier was. end of the day, if you go with bt or another supplier who was not the last supplier you will get hit with a connection charge.

  2. I have the same problem with BT.  Terrible service!  I am going to try Pipex, but googling telephone suppliers should give you a nice long list.  A little detective work, and you should find your supplier.

  3. Better re-join BT and come out of hassle.

  4. Have you bought the flat or are you just renting it, if you bought it your lawyer should be able to find out the information from the previous owner, if it is rented that could be more difficult unless the landlord can tell you where the previous tenant moved to.

    There a couple of other things you could try, one is wait for the next bill to arrive, that will tell you who supplies the service, but that might mean you get charged for calls made before you moved in. Or switch to another provider, the only trouble with that is if there is a contract, although I would think any contract would be with the previous person who lived there, again taking legal advice would be a good idea.

    Once you have it sorted I could show you an excellent service provider who can offer line rental and various call packages, without a long term contract. If you would like more info email me.

  5. i have found that cheapest is not always best so shop around..apart from that. stick to mobiles

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