Help-My foot hurts so bad when i put weight/pressure on it-whats wrong

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i went jogging a few days ago and later that night my left foot started aching whenever i put weight on it. It hurts so bad, unless i put the weight on the tip of my foot. So for 3 days i have been limping on the tip. What is wrong with it?? that wasn't my first time jogging either, i frequently go jogging and this doesnt usually happen.




  1. i agree with the person before me.  I have that same kind of pain and i was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis/bone spurs.  You might just have to see your primary care physician and get referred to an orthopedic doctor who might me able to do further evaluation.   Good luck

  2. plantar fascitis' is more noticed as pain first thing in the morning when you step out of bed or after long periods of rest however it can become so severe that it presents itself during active periods as well try sitting down in bed and putting a towel around the ball of your foot and pulling back towords your body before you go to bed or roll your foot over a tennis ball at night...if this does not work see a podiatrist

  3. It sounds like you need to see your food doctor. It sounds like you may have plantar fasciitis.

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