Hank Haney reveals Tiger Woods’ paranoia regarding Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18-major titles

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Hank Haney reveals Tiger Woods’ paranoia regarding Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18-major titles
Tiger Woods is known to keep a low profile about his personal life and has rarely revealed the deep secrets about what goes on in his laid off time off-course.
His secret life is now about to come to an end as his former coach Hank Haney is all set to release the much hyped book “The Big Miss” right ahead of the coveted Masters.
Excerpts from the book have finally started to see the light of the day, causing more distress and anger to the former world number one, as Haney is gradually treading on a risky path to reveal the long forgotten secrets.
Some of the excerpts were made public on February 28 revealing Wood’s paranoia to overtake Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18-major title.
Haney admits that although Woods never openly confessed about his obsession with the record, he continuously toiled for the same on war footings.
Haney said, "There was more urgency and less fun. ... He never mentioned Nicklaus' record, but it started to weigh more heavily at every major, And Tiger's actions indicated he believed he had less time to do it than everyone thought".
Woods has won 14 major events in the course of his professional career, making him the second highest major title winner in the history of the sport.
He is four majors short of the Golden Bear of the sport, Jack Nicklaus and probably is the only player who has come close to overtaking the record.
He remained winless for more than two consecutive years since 2009 and broke his winless streak just last year when he landed the Chevron World Challenge title on PGA.
Haney further revealed the gruesome drills that Woods submitted himself to in order to increase his agility and fitness.
He often compromised his medical conditions during his drills and overlooked doctor’s advice on the matter.
Haney added, "Tiger did two tandem parachute jumps, engaged in hand-to-hand combat exercises, went on four-mile runs wearing combat boots, and did drills in a wind tunnel, Tiger loved it, but his physical therapist, Keith Kleven, went a little crazy".
Haney and Woods parted ways after later’s extramarital philandering broke headlines earlier in the year 2009.
Several of the lucrative sponsorship deals, as well as many of the former friends, left Woods lurking in the shadows.
For the moment, the book is set to hits the stores ahead of the coveted Masters in April and is poised to be a bestseller within weeks.
The timing of the release has been a matter of great concern for the former world number one as he is struggling to cope with his form vows with a fresh start this year.
Woods have condemned Haney’s attempt to publish his personal life and have considered it as against the professional norms of the sports. 



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