HEY i am 13, i am bout 5 feet 3", 110lbs and my p***s only 3.3inches is this normal?

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hey i am turning 14 in september and i was just wondering if my p***s size is normal its 3.3inches soft and erect 4.2, I'm not worried but I'm just curious will it grow? o if it helps i just started puberty, i have pubic hair and some armpit hair, my voice hasn't changed much yet, and i haVE very little facial hair




  1. At 13/14 mine was 3" erect!   And soft I'd say just over 1 inch!

    Avg size soft is 3-4" and erect is 6", but that's for adults.  You're only 13/14.  

  2. idk might be normal I dont rember my size eirl 8th grade lol,  im gonna be in 9th grade and im 4 and a half normal and 7 and a half hard.

  3. erect 4.2 and only 13?

    dont worry bout it man ur fine

    average size is 6 for grown MEN

  4. I wont even ask why and how you mesured but i've heard that average male p***s in the U.S is About 4 inches long.

    And that's when its erect.

    SO since your barely going through puberty it will probably grow.

  5. that's small it will grow though

  6. no thats smallas h**l u nasty perv your tiny

  7. I'm 13 and I'm smaller than you are soft and only about 1/2" bigger hard. We both have a lot of puberty to go through yet. I'm sure I'm going to grow a lot and you should too.

  8. umm no thats mad small it will grow just give it time  

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