H1 Visa Inerview related query?

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i m graduate and having six yrs of IT exp. in web programming. Now applying through consultant my case is selected in the lottery for the H1 2009 cap. but my question is my graduation and current IT exp. are not realted so will it make any effect on my visa interview? I hav also done DOEACC 'O' level in 2004 so does i can get any adv. of it.

plz guide me.




  1. - Do not worry if your exp. is not fake and your certificates are correct and true.

    - If you have shown wrong exp. then you may be questioned more. Even, they may ask to prove your technical capabilities which you have shown.

    However, if you are not hiding any information, no need to worry for anything.

    All the best.

  2. I don't believe so but you will still need a sponsor.

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