Guardiola unsure about David Villa’s Euro 2012 chances

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The Catalan coach believes that Villa will not travel to with the Spanish national team after being late on his recuperation from a broken tibia injury. has suffered the most in a season where he was expected to emulate his previously established high standards. However, the prolific striker has been marred by injury scares throughout the season, a fractured tibia in December ruining his campaign.
With Euro 2012 around the corner, El Guaje was expected to return to first team duties after March, April at most. However, with the last match of the season up next for, Villa’s recuperation process has been slow to say the least.
There is no news about when the Spanish international will be fit enough to come on the pitch, effectively ruining his chances for the European championships.
Reflecting on the situation, Pep Guardiola claimed that the recovery process is going according to schedule but a set date has not been set. However, he believes that participation for Euros looks is out of their hands and in Del Bosque.
He reckoned that it is up to La Roja manager to either take him with him, or leave him.
“His recovery is going very well and according to schedule," he said. "The doctors and himself set the possibility of playing at the Euros.”
"It will also depend on Del Bosque, he is the one who will decide."
Del Bosque is pleased with the efforts shown by Villa but is doubtful about giving a ticket. He stated that he is unsure about his recuperation process and added that he is concerned with the signals coming from the record goal scorning Spaniard’s camp,
signals that do not point towards a happy ending.
"I'm concerned because we don't know what the situation is. The player is working hard, but haven't seen the signals from the player that we would like," the former Real Madrid manager stated.”
With hitman is the highest Spanish goal scorer in the 2011/12 edition of La Liga.



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