Greyhound racing industry on the verge of collapse in America

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Greyhound racing industry on the verge of collapse in America
A recent study has revealed that greyhound racing is going downhill fairly quickly in America.
According to a recent estimate, the number of greyhound racing tracks in the country have halved, compared to a decade ago. Ten years ago, one would be able to find 50 greyhound race tracks in the country, which were dotted over a total of 15 states.
However, the statistics which are presently available on the greyhound racing industry of the country have sent a wave of disappointment among its few remaining fans. Currently, there are only 25 greyhound racing tracks left. Some of the states that previously
hosted greyhound race events have now totally closed down their operations. As of now, there are only seven states that still feature greyhound racing events in their few remaining race tracks.
Another decline that the greyhound racing industry has seen over the years is related to greyhound farms. Back in the 1980s, there were a significant number of farms (750) where professional greyhounds were bred and nurtured. However, that figure has now
dropped down to 300. This fact was revealed by the executive director of the National Greyhound Association, Gary Guccione.
There are several factors that can account for the decline of the greyhound racing industry in the States.
For the majority of its history, the sport has faced harsh criticism with respect to its treatment of greyhounds. According to welfare activists, the living conditions of the greyhounds are far from tolerable.The activists claim that the animals are made
to live in small cages where they are kept all the time except when nature calls.
Additionally, the food that is given to these professional dogs is of a poor quality. When race events draw near, the greyhounds are injected with steroids in efforts to improve their performance and make them more competitive.
Another factor that is playing a more immediate role in the steep decline that the greyhound racing industry is experiencing is the fact that slot machines have taken a major chunk of gamblers away from betting on the greyhounds.
In the minds of some people, the dismal condition in which the greyhound racing industry finds itself could well mean the end of it.



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