Golf: Martin Kaymer wins Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship again

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Golf: Martin Kaymer wins Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship again
Martin Kaymer won the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship for the third time in his career at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club on Sunday.
The Sunday round was quite predictable when Kaymer smashed the second birdie of the day on the front nine. Earning points on the opening holes was quite a difficult task for the players, but the German cruised through it with ease.
He played safe on rest of the holes to avoid the risk of a bogey. The front nine holes of the Abu Dhabi Golf Club proved the challenge posed by the desert swing. They made the top five golfers of the world wipe sweat tears off their
forehead during the tournament.
With the end of the ninth hole, Kaymer switched his strategy. He took out his wedge and walked through rest of the course with it. The four-time winner of 2010 smashed the first shot towards the left of the fairway avoiding the dogleg
cut on the right. The ball safely landed at the putting area, from where Kaymer hit an iron and reached the green in two shots.
It seemed as Kaymer had an eagle in mind, when he putted it from the edge of the green, but the ball missed the hole. Without much pondering, he carefully touched the ball with the tip of his putter and the ball rolled in to give him
his third birdie of the day.
That was only the start! The defending champion wedged another shot from the 13th fairway, but landed into a greenside bunker. The two-time winner jumped into the trap and after a careful analysis, wedged his way out covering
90 yards to the green. He switched his club for a putter and smashed the 22nd birdie of the tournament.
The veteran fired two more birdies on the closing holes and carved his name on the trophy for the third time. The crowd cheered at his triumph while he walked towards the clubhouse with a crystal souvenir sparkling in his hands.
Commenting on the victory, Kaymer said, “It is just a perfect golf course for me. Indeed, I consider it as my home course. I always play well here. If you win straightaway as I did today it is a great start to the season. I hit a lot of fairways and my putting
was amazing.”



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