Gio Gonzalez spearheads Washington Nationals in 10-4 rout of Milwaukee Brewers - MLB Update

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Gio Gonzalez spearheads Washington Nationals in 10-4 rout of Milwaukee Brewers - MLB Update

Gio Gonzalez restricts opposition to three hits as he claims his 20th win of the season and leads the Washington Nationals to a 10-4 victory against the Milwaukee Brewers at Nationals Park, Washington, D.C. on September 22, 2012 in the second
match of the four game series.
Gonzalez becomes the first pitcher to experience 20 wins in the season. With this, his contention for winning the Cy Young Award this year has strengthened.
Since Stephen Strasburg's shut-down, Gonzalez has lifted the team and has stepped up every time when they needed him to deliver a quality spell of innings on the mound.
While he threw immaculate seven innings on Saturday, he was supported immensely by the offence.
The Nationals hammered 13 hits in the match which explains effectiveness of their hitters at the plate.
The game turned into their favour to a great extent as soon as they posted nine runs in a span of two innings.
From the fourth inning onward, Washington faced hardly any resistance which could unsettle them and force their submission to defeat. Although Brewers replied reasonably well in the sixth and the ninth inning, it was too little too late.
Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman and the first baseman Adam LaRoche stood up offensively for Washington.
Zimmerman smacked a three run homer which shows the top-notch form that he is carrying right now is still afloat. As the playoffs start, his contributions will be decisive.
Other than him, LaRoche slammed a home-run and struck for a double on Saturday.
LaRoche comments about Gonzalez and talks about what he said to him when he inquired the starter of his feelings on the mound.  
"Oh, it was hilarious. I asked him ... 'Are you hurt?' And he said, 'No, my feelings are hurt a little bit.' So we got a kick out of it," said Adam LaRoche. 
Gonzalez aims high after he reaches the milestone with regard to wins in the season. He looks ahead to see the Nationals achieving new heights in the season.
"In a way, you kind of smile about it, because we finally reached our goal," Gonzalez said. "and now it's time to change it up and continue to try and get better goals and higher goals."
The Nationals will be looking to beat the Brewers in the last two games of the series. It will be interesting to see if they can replicate their great performance in the remaining two matches.



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