Getting in shape for volleyball try outs?

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I wanna try out for my volleyball team..which is in couple of weeks.I am in okay shape..What is the best way to get into shape for someone who has never played it before




  1. Try to lift weights so your upper body is strong to spike or set! Also try to strengthen your core by doing crunches, russian crunches, and yoga. Also definitely get your legs stronger by doing squats and lunges. I know it sounds like alot, but these will all be so helpful to your game! Good Luck!

  2. Volleyball is one of my favorite sports! You should do lots of upper body exercises for a powerful spike, but also you should do a lot of stomach exercises, because your stomach is what gives you a powerful overhand serve, you practice jumping, just jump like 100 times as high as you can, that will help your spike!

    Hope i helped

  3. Do some jumps on a wall and see how high you can get. Mark where you land. Also do some sprints or long distances, like a mile.

    and then your general volleyball skills.

    like bump set serve spike.

  4. i should do lunges....great for your legs...and upper body strength...yu should jump...practice serving will give u strenghth..and do normal cardio..nuthing to over exahusting

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