Gambling online vs in a real casino?

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what do you prefer ?

what are the pros and cons of each ?




  1. Online Poker

    Pros - Smaller limits than a brick and mortar (b&m) casinos offer

    Games generally will go on all hours

    Easy to find games

    Playing multi tables

    Large choice of games


    Good value for the dollar for tournaments

    Great way to take notes on players

    Ease of record keeping

    Cons - Losing a connection

    Threat of cheating

    You can get distracted (watching tv, surfing the web, doing chores between hands, etc.)

    Limited tells on players

    B&M Poker

    Pros - Better focus on games - less distractions

    Better tells on players

    Motivation to play ( you have to make a concious decision to play- you have to get dressed, jump into your car, get signed up, etc.- as a result, you will more likely be focused to play)

    It's a social game and you can be sociable with other players if you choose

    Players tend to be looser live ( the thinking as a player might be "I didn't come all the way here to fold hand after hand")

    Cons-  Cheating (it can happen at a B&M casino too)

    You have to get dressed, jump into your car, wait for a table, etc.

    It may take a while for a seat to open up for the game you want.

    The limits may be higher than you would like.

    Record keeping on players is more difficult

    I play both online and live and like each one for different reasons.  Those are my thoughts- good luck!

  2. Doesnt matter which online casino I play on, it is always great for a while. Then it is like, no matter what bet I play on roulette for example, the computer gives me the exact opposite.

    For example big long streaks against me of the same colour, or odds etc. It seems as though the computer just decides in a yes/no motion that, BAM this guy is now due to lose it all.

    I never or hardly ever come towards such bs at a land based casino.

  3. Pros online - Can do anytime from comfort of home, and never have to waqit for a spot or table

    - Dont have to put up with annoying table neighbours

    - Much faster play, can do at your own pace

    - No deck changes or dealer screwups

    - Many easy promotional offers and bonuses

    - Can smoke of you want, or dont have to put up with others smoking

    Pro live casino

    - Better gambling atmosphere

    - More social if you care to chat with fellow players

    - Real money immediate payout

    All in all though, i must say that online gambling is for more easy and cost effective, as well as convinient. The main concern people have for casino not paying you out, and risking your $$$ to a crooked online business is only relevant if you put your $$$ into such a site. With a little research you can quickly weed out little sites that that. Just stick to the well established big sites that have been running for years.

    I would recommend partypoker dot com or partycasino dot com, as they are one fo the biggest, and offer a huge range of games including all popular casino games and all forms of poker, as well as free training and play money games to practice. They are also a publicly traded firm on the london stock exchange so they would not swindle their customers for bad press. They have way more to lose in stock value than they would by trying to shortchange their own players.

    If you signup an account with them use signup bonus code ACURA and they will give you up to $200 on top for your initial deposit.

  4. dude you can get robbed online

  5. When you play on line for free you can't read the other players and if you are playing free poker it's not real money people don't care that bet what ever.

    In a casino it's real money people a lot more cautious.

  6. When you have an online account, there is always the chance that the site may shut down and keep all your money.  On the other hand, you can play poker at lower stakes than you can at the casino.  The games go much faster when online, which isn't necessarily an advantage.  With fast paced games you are expected to make your move quicker.  

    All in all, I prefer playing in a casino because it feels more real, and you can take your time and really get a good sense of the players you're playing with.  Online, players come and go so quickly you don't get the same chance to learn the styles of each player.

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