Gabriela Isler is she the hottest women in the world

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Gabriela Isler is she the hottest women in the world? Gabriela Isler soul and beauty of Venezuela.

While trying to avoid Jáuregui catwalk contenders for the throne of the PSOE , Venezuela celebrarba have united to achieve seven crowns Miss Universe

In the episode of The Simpsons entitled " Bart Sells His Soul ' , Lisa , Bart's little sister , he says that" the soul is the symbol of the good that is in us. " Ramón Jáuregui , coordinator of the PSOE political conference held last weekend, remembered the soul and the republican tradition of his party, but chose to let them sleep in a drawer to defend the Crown with the pragmatic argument " put the country no legs up " .

Since we are a world upside down , a world of crowns, souls and contradictions. Soul Twisting for beauty is what explains that Venezuela , a republic 's oil life , celebrate together the recent achievement of having seven crowns Miss Universe . Jáuregui While trying to avoid a catwalk contenders for the throne of the PSOE , the beautiful Venezuelan Gabriela Isler got the seventh title for his country in the contest this year, thus placing fourth oil-exporting nation just one crown difference with the United States, the greatest economic power , which currently has eight . Very narrow difference between two ideologically separate republics , but united in the bitter struggle for the crown of universal beauty .

I've seen five of those crowns exquisitely displayed in the office of Osmel Sousa , known Venezuelan beauty czar , a title his way ahead the warm relationship that Putin 's Russia has with Bolivarian Venezuela . And when you see them together shining , suddenly find meaning in what they call patriotism . You identify , somehow you think that you also have something, more or less, of Miss Universe. If a crown attached to a country ,just imagine what they must unite seven crowns ! No doubt that Ramon Jauregui should visit Venezuela and start your training as soon miss with his tenacity and enthusiasm could achieve the dream to get that crown he craves and unites both .

While Venezuelan beauty conquering the summit, its president , Nicolas Maduro , demanded full powers to rid his " economic war " while encouraging seizures that have become plunder , to appliance stores designated as speculative . In a country of misses, a washing machine is as important as the crown. Although a never miss antagonizes , his agent seems to think that fighting is the only democratic dialectic . But what has been very significant in this Miss Universe is the first finalist , ie the second most beautiful woman in the universe, was Miss Spain . It was exciting that both the Spanish and Venezuelan , were very nervous waiting for the verdict in English and confusing time for both believe that the other was the winner . He could see more twinned Spain and Latin America than ever thanks to the crown. Matched , but not only misses, but in simple everyday things like corruption, politicized justice or the scatter of trash on the streets. Here in Madrid, thanks to the efforts of his toy Margaret Thatcher , Ana Botella, in his challenge to the unions.

Trash and beauty seem opposites but marked by the same original . Bello is the Andalusian countryside farm near Peppermint , but sad and almost dirty that surrounds the son of skillful Ortega Cano, José Fernando . It is another heir with problems , but has chosen the comical side of crime, which directly and bluntly directs you to jail. If there is more there should not be happy days for Rocío Jurado . The sad news of the arrest of his son , because of an assault and robbery outside a club hostess ( with excellent name : King 2000 ) , leads us to conclude that raising a child is just as difficult to choose a leader party or win the Miss Universe crown .

The public disclosure of Pantoja Chabelita face after reaching age 18, while confirming her pregnancy the young Alberto Isla , led in some TV commentators Spanish entrenched xenophobia . Entries are irreproducible what indicated as " racial identity " of the new media star . The truth is that Chabelita Pantoja is not doing anything to Rocío Carrasco , the eldest daughter of Rocio Jurado , we teach in the nineties . The heirs of the queens of the song are princesses who fall in love and played with a clever Iberian macho type . The new theme is comparing Alberto Antonio David Flores Island , the father of the grandchildren of the Jury. Flores Island and male share that thing adventurous, romantic, good teeth and jeans so tight in front and back . What you like dancing a Sevillian , or at any time you buy a mansion , or sings a ranchera , or a bolt is completely devoted to the Virgin of your daughter is very devout . Although Flores island and separate them more than a decade of real estate bubbles , the two are models of a virile patriotism unite everyone ends up with two of the couplet in a swirl of feelings or love or love breaks the soul .

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