From boxing to MMA, James Toney makes his official debut

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From boxing to MMA, James Toney makes his official debut
In the talent-fuelled business of MMA, boxing is just another style along with Jiu-jitsu, wrestling, Muay Thai and more. But for the accomplished boxer James “Lights Out” Toney, it’s a force to be reckoned with.
UFC will travel to the Beantown this coming August 28, when James Toney makes his much awaited MMA debut against former UFC heavyweight titlist Randy “The Natural” Couture.
Though having entirely different fighting styles, UFC fans should watch out for a legendary match-up between these two hard-hitting fighters. Couture is well-known for his powerful takedowns and strikes, but it’s no big deal for Toney. It’s his hard-hitting punches that Couture should be worried about. Strikes, takedowns and other moves that Couture might possibly use seemed to just roll over the Lights Out.
“Everybody asks how are you going to defend the takedown. I’m not worried about that. How are you going to defend these punches? I’m going from 10-ounce gloves to four-ounce gloves,” Toney told Cagesideseats .com.
It’s Toney’s knock-out that his opponents should be afraid of.
“If I hit someone with four-ounce gloves, oh my goodness, me and my crew might go to jail for homicide,” he exclaimed.
Basically, wrestling seems to be an edge for the former UFC title holder Randy Couture. With his formidable takedowns and leg strikes, Toney will surely be helpless.
But for Toney, he believes his aggressiveness and boxing background is more potent than Couture’s wrestling tricks.
“I haven’t changed a thing. You’ll see. I’m here to prove a point so people know that boxing is still running supreme over any discipline out there,” Toney said.
“I haven’t changed nothing. I only added a few things to my roster of offensive skills. You’ll see come Aug. 28.”
Toney is already a veteran in boxing as reflected by his professional record, and for him, he should be the one considered as “legendary” and not Randy Couture.
“A legend?” Toney asked.
“I’m a legend. As a matter of fact, I’m a legend of my time. I’ve been in the game 25 years. I’ve had 84 pro fights. How can he be a legend with 28 fights? Come on dog,” said Toney pertaining to Couture.
“Come on man, give me a break. It makes me want to throw up. A legend like Randy Couture? You guys need to stop talking about the legendary Randy Couture and better start talking about the legendary James Toney, the greatest fighter ever put on the planet. Period,” he added.
And how does he react to Couture’s offensive comments to him during the build-up of their fight?
“He called me out. He said he wanted to welcome me to the Octagon and break my leg and all of that,” explained Toney pertaining to the MMA vet.
“Hey, God bless him. I hope he keeps his word,” he added.
“When you say stuff like you’re going to break James’ leg and all that, you’re talking to a bull. I’m going to try to hurt you. I’m going to do whatever I have to do to get you out. I’m going to try to break you up,” taunted Toney.
Though Toney respects his opponent greatly, Couture’s comments make him think otherwise.
“Now we can‘t be friends. You know what I‘m saying? You disrespected me by saying something like that. Now all gloves are off. Anything goes. I hope he comes to fight. Don’t try to hug me like a little girl like he usually does. When you‘re scared to get hit, you hug people, you stay close,” Toney said.
On August 28, the much-awaited Toney-Couture bout will finally happen. To the world of boxing, Toney will prove to verybody that he also has a place in MMA.



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