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by BoyWonder  |  8 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Do any of the F1 experts here remember that very funny incident from the late 90s when Takuma Sato (I think it was him anyway) crashed into the tire wall, jumped out of his car, and got hit by an ambulance?

I'm certain that this actually happened, but can't find a clip of it anywhere!




  1. Brian
    No need to apologise. Thanks for looking up the clip

  2. masudur rahman
    Apologies for that. I'm not sure if there was something similar, maybe I shoudn't have said that to you, but that was what you were asking for anyway.
  3. Brian
    Thanks SnookerFan

    Was there another similar incident?

    The memory I have is of a guy staggering out of the car and being immediately decked by a very stupid/careless ambulance/safety car driver. The clip you showed me didn't make me laugh. Maybe it's cause you told me in advance that he broke both legs
  4. masudur rahman
    It was Taki Inoue, who in 1995 at the Hungarian Grand Prix, where the medical car ran over him, breaking his legs in the process.

    Here's the clip.

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