Forget what the movie is called.

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  2.  Same goes with me, I also usually forgot about the movie watched. Although I do remember the whole story if given a chance again to watch I remember it after almost half of the movie that I already watched this movie before. This happen because I forget about the name of the movie.

    And besides there are many other things in life to do other then watching movies. So at times such things repeatedly happen with you and you totally get weired. 

    But when having fun around with friends and if you are watching movie and all the sudden to remember that you already watched the same movie then after wards interest in movie is lost and how to tease other who are watching for the first time starts. So its all about how things happen across you and how you respond to them. 

    Some people love fun doing good things and some people like to have fun while bad things but fun should always be there in life so that mind can relax a bit from all the hassle's.

    But the names of the movies are always confusing and get all the time mixed up and these always is a jumble around you.

  3.  You didn't give any description about movie. Give us some information about movie you are thinking so it will be easy to find.

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