For all you Jordan haters/Kobe lovers answer this. How is Kobe better than Jordan?

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A real analysis of the stats shows the Kobe is not even close to Jordan. Kobe was 'the youngest' to reach a number of milestones, but that is only because he did not play college ball so let's not have any of those stats. But after reading

I submit:

Here are 10 reasons why Jordan was far better than Bryant will ever be:

10. a) Scoring- Jordan scored 3000 points in a season, Kobe hasn't done this. When Jordan did this, averaging 37 points compared to Bryant's career best 35 points, Jordan had two huge disadvantages. First, Jordan was playing in an era when hand checking was allowed. Defensive players were allowed to place their hands on a player on the perimeter, on average a player would put anywhere from 10-50 pounds of pressure on Jordan's body, making it near impossible to get off a quick jump shot. Without hand checking Jordan could have gotten off many more shots during that season. Second, Jordan managed 37 points a game while only shooting 66 three pointers the entire season, Bryant shot over 500 three pointers to average 35 points a game. Bryant relied on his jumper to get him his points while Jordan had to earn them the hard way, attacking the hoop.

b) High scoring games- Jordan's highest single game total was 69 versus a legitimate playoff team, compared to Bryant's 81 againstthe Raptors. Also Jordan once dropped 63 on the Celtics, a team with Bird, McHale and Parrish three hall of famers known for good defense, Bryant had a career playoff high of 50 against the Suns in 2006, a team that is famous for not playing defense.

9. Rebounding. Jordan was a far superior rebounder. Bryant has averaged over six rebounds a game 3 times in his career, and never managed to average more than 7 rebounds a game. Jordan on the other hand averaged more that six rebounds a game nine times in his career and had a season where he averaged 8 rebounds a game. Jordan was particularly good at getting boards at key times in the game and could dominate that area in spurts to win, Bryant has never been able to do this.

8. Steals- Jordan average more than 2.2 steals a game nine times in his career, Bryant only managed this once. Jordan filled the passing lanes for the entire game and was always a threat, Bryant seems to pick and choose when he plays that kind of defense.

7. Field Goal Percentage- Not once has Bryant averaged more than 50% from the field, Jordan made more than 50% of his shots 6 times in his career. Without shooting as many three pointers Jordan was far more efficient offensively.

6. Assists- Bryant is getting much better at setting up his team mates, but only once has Bryant averaged 6 assists a game. Jordan averaged more than 6 assists three times, including a season where he averaged 8 assists a game, there are many teams in the NBA that don't have a point guard that can give 8 assists, Jordan managed to average that many assists and score 32 points a game at the same time.

5. Blocks- Jordan averaged more than a block a game 4 times in his career, Bryant managed this only once. Since both guys are near identical in their height and weight it is obvious that Jordan was more dedicated to playing defense by getting his hands up in the face of shooters, thus he had far more blocks.

4. Turnovers- In his entire career Jordan averaged more than 3 turnovers 5 times, and this was in the first 6 years of his career, so Jordan got better at protecting the ball as he got older. Bryant has averaged more than 3 turnovers 7 times, and he is inconsistent about it, his worst season was in 04-05 where he averaged more than 4 turnovers a game, something Jordan never did.

3. Off court drama- Although Jordan has had a rather messy divorce recently, during his playing career he never created off court drama the way Bryant has. Bryant had an affair with a woman in Denver in a very public manner that was an embarrassment to the Lakers and Bryant also had his preseason tirade this year asking for a trade then staying. Both these distractions were created by Bryant. The biggest off court drama that Jordan ever had was the death of his father, something he had no control over. Luckily for the Lakers it has all worked out, but Bryant's drama could have been avoided and needless stress is tough on a locker room.

2. Dunking and the shoes- Michael Jordan and Nike revolutionized the way we look at athletic shoes and this was in large part to Jordan's artistic performance in the dunk contest. Both Bryant and Jordan were dunk contest champions but Bryant's performance was far from memorable. Posters of Jordan's dunk contest are still sold in poster stores today, you would be hard pressed to find a poster of Bryant's dunks. Jordan created a culture and some would even say a cult of sorts. Bryant has not had nearly the kind of image success Jordan had.

1. Hardware- Bryant has played 12 seasons, he has one MVP award, 3 championships. After 13 seasons Jordan had 6 championships, 6 NBA Finals MVP awards, 5




  1. ok.......

    10. Scoring - Michael jordan is the biggest Ballhogg in the History of the NBA!..he led the league in FG attempts a record Nine Times (it would have been more if he had not retired)....all of Jordan's Pippenless teams had Losing records and failed miserably in the playoff's....Jordan's Ballhogging style does not impact his teams win/loss column....he joined Chicago and led them to 3 straight Losing season's....he joined Washington and failed to make them winners despite playing in a weak Eastern Conference.

    Kobe had to play his first half of his career with you honestly believe if Michael jordan shared the ball with Shaq he would have put up those numbers???....your scoring argument holds No wieght!

    9.Rebounding? critisize Kobe for averaging 1 rebound less then why is it you even think MJ is the greatest??...he fails miserably compared to Oscar Robertson... Robertson was 2 inches shorter than Jordan, yet he did things Jordan can only dream of. During his college career, he so thoroughly dominated that he, unlike Jordan, is considered by every respectable source to be one of the five greatest college players in history.

    In his first season as a pro, he averaged 30.5 ppg, 9.7 rpg, and 9.7 apg. (Jordan averaged 28.2, 6.5, and 5.9). Over the course of his first five seasons Robertson AVERAGED a triple-double. Triple-double games were not recorded when Robertson played. It was another day at the office for him. This perfectly illustrates the difference between Robertson and Jordan. The media made a big deal out of Jordan having the first (recorded) triple-double in All-Star history, just like they make a big deal out of Jason Kidd’s 7-or so triple-doubles he has each year. For Robertson, he didn’t need to have an extra assists to reach 10, to have that "triple-double," because it wasn’t a big deal. Back then, fans recognized greatness by one's play, and not because a guy has 10 assists, 10 rebounds, and 10 points. Furthermore, Robertson didn’t simply have triple-doubles of the Jason Kidd 10-10-10 variety. No, he had man-sized triple-doubles. His triple-doubles were on the order of 30-11-10. In 1962, he finished in the top 10 in rebounds, something Jordan never did, nor came close to doing. Robertson led the league in assists 5 out of his first 6 years, and finished in the top 10 11 out of his 13 years. The only times he missed was because injuries kept him from getting the minimum needed to qualify. Jordan never led the league in assists and only finished in the top 10 one time. In 1968, Oscar became the only player in history to lead the league in ppg, apg, and the same season...see we both can this game!

    8.steals - again ..Mj EARLY in his career was an outstanding defender......but when he came back in 1995 he was grossly Overrated I will prove!...If you got steals..then how about this stat...

    winning seasons without another Top 50 player/teamate.....kobe has led LA to 3 straight Winning season's without another allstar teamate or Top 50 teamate!....MJ could never acomplish this!..despite getting that extra steal!

    7.Field Goal percentage.....4% whoopptity freakin dooo....the league as a WHOLE has steadily dropped since the early 90's..MJ is a below 50% shooter.

    6.assists - The year that MJ averaged 8 assists the Bull's suffered...Doug Collins tried to put Jordan at the point guard in 1989. The idea was that Jordan was such a tremendous penetrator, that he could break down a defense and hit the open man or score. Jordan responded with 11 triple doubles in his first 13 games. However, he was often found going to the scorers' table to check to see how many rebounds or assists he needed to get a triple-double. He played for stats. Doug Collins later said, "Do you know who's the biggest obstacle to us running? Michael Jordan, that's who. He won't let go of the ball."

    This selfishness resulted in players standing around and watching Jordan, or Jordan not passing to the open guy with the best shot. Without Jordan, the teams flowed into their offense and found the open man. That is why they consistently shoot better when Jordan doesn't play. Jordan simply does not make his teammates better...MJ was forced to pass the Ball and the Bulls sucked that year!..your point is a FAIL!

    5 - blocks....MJ was guarding 6'2 gaurds...todays shooting guards are bigger taller and faster! here >

    4.turnovers - Phil Jackson - "Kobe is better with ball then michael Jordan".."Kobe is the best allaround player I ever coached"..."I asked Kobe to run the offense , I never asked Michael to do that"...

    Pippen was a better facilitator then's a proven fact!..give MJ the ball and he's going to jack up a shot....Kobe has more TO's cuz he's actually running the Triangle , not just jacking up 23 shots like MJ did for his career!

    3. - Off the court Drama - MJ had Doug Collins Fired...Fueded with Teamates Steve Kerr , Stacey King , and O. Woolridge...publicly humiliated S.KIng calling him a "Fatazz..and should change his name to Burger King"...called Kwame Brown a **ggot!..this is a fact!...Cheated on his wife a bunch of times....and had BIGTIME Gambling debt's........Kobe was falsely accused of Rape,...asked to get better quality players or trade me...(something Magic did too)...

    quit trying to make it seem like MJ can do know wrong..your starting to sound like NIKE!

    2 - MJ was famous for his Kicks.....Nike made $$$ off of shoes and Hyped him's called a Business!!!....

    PS: his freethrow line dunk he stepped way over the line...I guess Nike forgot to show that in thier comercial......MJ is the best cuz of his shoes????

    1 - Michael jordan could'nt win anything until his late 20's (28)....Kobe barely turned 30...Kobe won't retire becuase he "LOST HIS LOVE"...Kobe has at least 7 more years of outstanding afraid MJ Lovers be very afraid!

  2. Kobe is better because MJ retired b4 thay got too see him play

  3. because they are too lazy to see all of their career stats and make their judgements from watching a game that kobe does very good in.

  4. Thank you and give me best answer come on

  5. All I gotta say is "Christopher B" and "D-Rock" keep teachin' these dumb@ss kids a lesson...they don't know chit!

    Also MC, shut the p**s up, Karl Malone never won an MVP with 45 wins and an 8th trippin'...Malone won 2 MVP's and his team won 64 and 37 (out of 50) games in the lockouut season when you were wearin' pullups.

    Kobe got the 1 MVP he deserved!

    Thank you!

  6. jordan is the best and kobe sucks....

    jordan >>>>>>>>>>>>>> kobe  


  8. MJ is just like Bill Russell...very lucky.  They both were on great teams and that's why they have the most rings.  Bill had the best team ever around him and that's why he has 11 rings.  Bill and MJ are probably the best and MVP of their team and their team couldn't win without them, but their total championship wins is over rated.  As players they are both best of alltime.  

    What Magic did with 80's Lakers, and Isiah thomas did with late 80's and early 90's is better than anything Jordan did.

  9. Kobe Bryant doesn't push his opponent off before he shoots.

  10. there all stupid ppl man they hate AI too. they hate all tese great players except kobe. for the record KOBE WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS MICHEAL JORDAM

  11. KOBE is jordan's first coming disguised as a shoe salesman

  12. All they have to argue is that Jordan played against weak defense...which would be a lie...but I have something to counter that arguement... Lets see...when Jordan played for the Wizards, the zone defense was legalized... According to Jordan-Haters, that means defense was actually being played... So, against Zones, Jordan averaged 23 and 20 ppg in each of his 2 years in Washington... Even dropping 40+ numerous times.... and this is when he was about 40 sumthing years old... C'mon now everybody, would an overrated player drop 40 on the so called best defense ever implemented while he's in his 40+ age range?


    For those of you who swear Jordan wasnt allowed to be touched....

    Chuck Daly describing the Jordan Rules:

    If Michael was at the point, we forced him left and doubled him. If he was on the left wing, we went immediately to a double team from the top. If he was on the right wing, we went to a slow double team. He could hurt you equally from either wing -- h**l, he could hurt you from the hot-dog stand -- but we just wanted to vary the look. And if he was on the box, we doubled with a big guy.

    The other rule was, any time he went by you, you had to nail him. If he was coming off a screen, nail him. We didn't want to be dirty -- I know some people thought we were -- but we had to make contact and be very physical.

    Umm yea, sounds like touching to me

  13. Trying to compare bryant to jordan is like trying to compare bush to lincoln. I bet you could come up with 20 more in ten seconds. Jordan will always stand alone. Shaq may not be good at his free throws but i agree he is the best center.  

  14. hes not, theres no facts to prove kobe lovers theories.

    only thing kobe is better at is 3 pt shooting.

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