Football Update: FC Bayern Munich's Franck Ribery Injured

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Football Update: FC Bayern Munich's Franck Ribery Injured
The French man received a serious knee injury and had to be substituted in the eighteenth minute of the game.
The Germand Bundesliga giant went up against Wolfsburg and in the encounter, the star French winger Ribery suffered a serious knee injury.
The player was forced out of play only eighteen minutes after the blowing of the first whistle, the French man clashed with, though initially the incident seemed as a minor ankle knock and most fans expected the player to get back on his feet for play.
Sadly, the player had to be carried off the pitch with him holding his knee, which later after a series of tests was confirmed as a knee problem and the twenty seven year old has been ordered off the football field until he completely recovers.
Frank Ribery is the twenty seven year old French man who fills the position of winger and started his professional football career in 2000 with Boulogne where he made twenty eight appearances with six goals.
He then moved to Ales in 2002 and after a year he made another transfer to Stade Brestois, in 2004 he got himself transferred to Galatasary then to Marseille in 2005.
Ribery finally made it to Bayern Muncih in 2007 and since then has made eighty three appearances for the team with twenty six goals scored in the process.
This player is a loved personality in the squad and attracts a lot of French fans due to his fame in the French national team.
Frank Ribery was made a part of the French national team under twenty one squad in 2004, where in the next two years he made thirteen appearances with two goals scored. Then finally, in 2006 he made it into the national first team French squad and went on
to make forty eight appearances with seven goals scored for international glory.
Ribery got substituted with



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