Filippo Volandri tramples Daniele Giorgini in 1st round – San Marino CEPU Open 2011 CH

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Filippo Volandri tramples Daniele Giorgini in 1st round – San Marino CEPU Open 2011 CH
Kicking off with the 1st round matches of the San Marino CEPU Open 2011, Filippo Volandri went against his fellow countryman Daniele Giorgini at the Centro Tennis Cassa di Risparmio di Fonte dell'Ovo in the City of San
Marino on Tuesday, 9th August. The match ended up with Volandri winning in straight sets 6-1 and 6-2.
Filippo Volandri, currently World No.84, played his 3rd head-to-head match against his fellow countryman here on Tuesday. Undoubtedly Volandri has proven to be an extremely talented player of the clay court. Out of the
last 10 fixtures, the 29-year-old won 7. The former world No.25 also made it to the spotlights when he succeeded in the Orbetello Challenger beating Matteo Viola in the final.
On the contrary, the 27-year-old world No.336 though has a good last 10 match record but has not proved in any major event. Although he has a straight set victory in all three previous matches of the San Marino CEPU Open qualifier,
however, lost to his fellow countryman and world No.84, Filippo Volandri.
The match started off with a loud cheer by the fans as the players took their places. Serving first for the opening game of the match, Volandri initiated the scorecard calculations, 1-0. However, the 27-year-old challenger followed
to level the scores, 1-1. The world no.84 won his first breakpoint, after he cleared winning in game 3, in game 4 to lead 3-1 in the set. The thrashing, however, did not stop.
Winning game 5, Volandri once again broke his fellow countryman in game 6,5-1, and eventually stormed away the first set captivating 6-1.
The second set had the similar situation. Volandri broke the fellow Italian in his opening game serve to lead 1-0. He then extended his lead to 2-0 and further on to 3-0 winning another breaking point.
Giorgini finally broke through to cut the lead to 1-3, however, that was certainly not enough. The 27-year-old then won game 5 as well and lessened the lead to 2-3 before he got the final beating by his senior tennis star.
Wining back-to-back games including a breakpoint, Volandri took away the final 3 games of the set with ease, beating Giorgini in two sets and in less than an hour. The final scores read 6-1 and 6-2 in favour of Filippo Volandri.
The Italian now sits in the round of 32 to face the German, Bjorn Phau for the quarter-final seat of the San Marino CEPU Open 2011.



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