Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali still aiming for 2011 Formula 1 drivers’ championship – Formula 1

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Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali still aiming for 2011 Formula 1 drivers’ championship – Formula 1
Stefano Domenicali, the team principal of Ferrari has recently stated that he is still not giving up on the 2011 Formula 1 drivers’ championship for his team as winning the championship is still possible for Fernando Alonso.
“All things considered, we can be reasonably pleased with the way things went. Certainly, going into the race, maybe we had hoped to get a little bit more out of it, but this seems to be the wettest July in the history of Formula 1!” he said.
Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing is currently leading the drivers’ standings by 234 points which means that he is currently 89 points ahead of Fernando Alonso who is in 4th place with 145 points.
Ferrari have been improving his performance massively since the beginning of the season and now, one has to admit that they are even faster than Red Bull Racing in terms of race pace only.
RBR on the other hand are still undefeated in qualifying which is the main reason for their success in 2011.
Vettel secured the pole position for the Hungarian Grand Prix as well but was unable to win the race as the two McLaren drivers took the advantage and dominated the race ahead of him. Fernando Alonso on the other hand finished in 3rd place which
was quite useful for him as Vettel secured the 2nd place.
Either way, Domenicali was pleased with the team’s performance and added that securing the podium in such unpredictable conditions is a very good result for Ferrari keeping in mind the current scenario of the drivers’ championship.
“The race was marked by incidents which, for better or for worse, made the difference. Therefore having managed to get to the podium in these circumstances is still positive and we can consider that our glass is half full,” said the team principal.
Other than that, Domenicali added that the team will improve its car even more during the summer break and probably score more consistent and good results in order to take on both Red Bull and McLaren for the remaining eight races of the 2011 Formula 1 season.



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