Fenway park obstructed view

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  1. I've purchased tickets for my husband and son.  It is a few days before my son's 8th birthday and his first trip to Fenway for a game.  I'm terribly dissappointed I didn't realize the tickets were obstructed view.  At $55.00 a piece, I'm actually pretty pissed about it.  Should I sell to some other ignorant sap and get bleacher seats at about the same price?  We have row 13, seat 1 and 2 pretty much the same view as your photo.  The game is Friday, Aug 26, 2011 against the Athletics.

  2. Its obvisouly way too late for you, but for others looking for this answer.  This is the picture I took from my seat in section 20, row 10, seat 1.

    You won't see home plate, the hitter, the pitcher, 2nd base or center field.  Makes for a very long, boring game!

  3. Here is the view/info regarding your seat:

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