Fastest pitch in softball/baseball?

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What is the fastest pitch ever thrown in baseball and softball? I heard this story that there is some softball pitcher who has a 130 mile an hour pitch and pitched from 2nd base and still struck out who she was pitching against but I didn't think a 130 mile an hour pitch sounded plausable. Anybody know what the fastest pitch is in softball and baseball?




  1. I know baseball was thrown by Noylan Ryan at 104-105mph.

    The Fastest softball pitcher was Eddie Feigner, he was able to throw 104mph underhand (That is much harder to hit than a 104 baseball fastball, b/c it is being thrown for only 45 feet away). He was un-hit-able.  If you want to learn morea about him check out:

    P.S. I believe the 130mph thing you heard was a relative thing, so throwing a pitch __ mph from 45' is the same as throwing it 130mph from 60ft.

  2. What I have known, the fastest pitch was when the catcher cannot see the ball when ever thrown by the pitcher.

  3. yes that's true, a woman pitched a softball 130 mph. the official fastest recorded baseball was Nolan Ryan at 100.9 mph

  4. The fastest pitch ever recorded in a game was by Nolan Ryan and it was 104 mph.

  5. around 78mph in softball and 104 in baseball, which the softball pitch gets to the plate fast than the 104mph pitch in baseball b/c of the distance difference and I'm 1,000,000% that the ball went 130mph from second and still struck the person out, plus if she did then she would be on the national team no matter how old she is

  6. Just under 101 by Nolan Ryan.

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