Fans flock to counters for Super Rugby final tickets between Reds and Crusaders - Rugby News

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Fans flock to counters for Super Rugby final tickets between Reds and Crusaders - Rugby News
The fever of Super Rugby’s decider is touching record breaking numbers in Australia and New Zealand. The final contest of the current championship is scheduled to be played between Reds and Crusaders which is making the contest even more interesting.
The derbies belong to arch rivals and neighbours, Australia nd New Zealand and are expected to play a thrilling game on July 9, in Brisbane. The full house at Suncorp Stadium will see supporters from both sides on their toes during the highly anticipated
Spectators have already crossed previous records of the maximum crowd gathered at the venue in last 104 years. The Suncorp Stadium has the capacity to accommodate over 52,000 pairs of eyes and all tickets have been sold in no time.
According to reports, all seats have been purchased by fans within 45 minutes in Brisbane. The previous best gathering at the venue was seen in 1907 as more than 49000 spectators came out to see the action live between New South Wales and All Blacks.   
However, the New Zealander franchise, Crusaders will miss a number of supporters due to the unavailability of tickets. The President of the Canterbury Rugby Supporters Club, d**k Tayler, told the media today on July 6 that a large number of Crusaders fans
are going to miss the final of Super Rugby because of the high demand of tickets.
d**k Tayler further said that, “There are a lot of Kiwis in Mooloolaba who will be venturing down. A lot of people up here are not going to be able to get to the game because they won't get tickets. There is a big screen at the local surfclub in Mooloolaba
so a lot of people will watch there. The biggest problem people have got over here is trying to get tickets.”
The Queensland Reds and Crusaders are meeting for the second time in the ongoing Super Rugby season. The previous clash was won by the Reds before their home crowd on May 29, after a nail biting competition. Both sides have made their way into the final
after extraordinary efforts. The crowd is expecting a traditional rough and tumble contest on July.



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