FINA imposes two-year doping ban on Kazakhstan’s Ksenia Atamanskaya – Swimming News

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FINA imposes two-year doping ban on Kazakhstan’s Ksenia Atamanskaya – Swimming News
The international aquatics sport governing body, Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA), has imposed a two-year ban on the Kazakhstan’s Ksenia Atamanskaya, after he tested positive for a doping result conducted by FINA.
Atamanskaya is now restricted from participation at any FINA organised competition for two years. He tested positive for an asthmatic medication, Fenoterol, which is prohibited by FINA as a Class S3 Beta-2 Agonist. The medicine is used to open the passageway
for lungs, thus enhancing the strength of a swimmer abnormally.
The test was conducted at the 2011 Kazakhstan Open Swimming Championships, after which the Kazakhstan Swimming Federation imposed FINA’s decision on their national swimmer.
This is the first anti-doping ban of 2011, whereas, more than two dozen bans were imposed on the aquatics athletes by FINA during 2010.
The most recent ban was imposed during December 2010 on Marina Lacroix of France, who tested positive for Cannabis and is now facing a six-month ban to resume competitive swimming. Prior to that, Lubos Krizko was held responsible for using metabolite of
Tamoxifen during August 2010 and is now facing a two-year restriction from the sport.
On November 5, 2011, FINA also decided to impose a two-year ban on Evgeny Aleshin, for using a FINA prohibited medicine but as a result, the swimmer retired from professional swimming.
Furthermore, the FINA board has conducted a total of 1239 unannounced out-of-competition tests, of which more than half was conducted in European countries. FINA also conducted 609 doping tests during competitions, of which 293 were conducted in European
countries and only 30 tests, in Africa.
FINA also performed 382 tests in the first quarter of 2011, where 325 tests were conducted out-of-competition and only 57 were conducted during FINA organised championships. FINA has expressed that more doping tests will be conducted in 2011 as compared
to 2010, to avoid negligence in the competitive world of sports.
Management of Kazakhstan Swimming Federation was disappointed by the act of their swimmer and expressed that the governing body will use strict policies to avoid such practices in future.



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