FIFA World Cup 2010: Spain vs Netherlands – Key players to watch out for

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FIFA World Cup 2010: Spain vs Netherlands – Key players to watch out for

Spain are set to face Netherlands to decide who will take home the title of FIFA World Cup 2010 Champions. The match is scheduled to be a historic event in the footballing world. However there will be a few key players on both sides that will be looking to have the match turn in their teams favor.

David Villa has been the driving force behind Spain’s success. So far he has already scored five goals in six matches during the course of the tournament.He is capable of playing equally as good with both his feet and has an eye for scoring astonishing goals. He is a constant threat to the opposition no matter where he plays. He will be looking to score the crucial goal that could decide the outcome of the match when Spain take on Netherlands and it would be ridiculous to bet against him doing so.

Wesley Sneijder is the Heart of the Dutch team. He has been a part of every attack move that was launched by the Dutch throughout the tournament. He has the ability to control the pace of the game and occasionally scores a few goals. Sneijder is currently one of the shock contenders for the golden boot awards at this year’s tournament having already scored five goals. Sniejder will be looking to add to his record season after having won the league, the league cup and the Champions league already.

Iker Casillas has proved over the years that he is arguably one of the best goal keepers ever to play football. Casillas is only twenty nine but has already on numerous occasions been the reason for the Spanish team’s success, with his lighting quick reflexes and brilliant sense of positioning. He has been one of the main reasons for Spain going as far as they have in this year’s tournament and he will be hoping to take them even further.

Arjen Robben brings the flair to the Dutch squad, with his blinding pace and amazing foot work he is a nightmare for the opposition. He will be looking to do justice to his reputation against the Spanish by constantly threatening. However whether he gets injured or not is a completely different story.

In the Spanish midfield the duo of Xavi and Iniesta will be key to the Spanish victory. Xavi is a play maker who likes to lay deep and use his superior vision and passing ability to hold the ball and create unbelievable pass after pass. Iniesta is a pacey creative midfielder who likes running at defenders and uses his dribbling to beat the defenders before laying off a beautiful pass. If the duo click and manage to perform at the same level that they have been throughout the tournament  then it might as well be game over for Netherlands.

Mark Van Bommel is the Dutch hit man, with his heavy tackling and ruthless aggression he will be looking to break down the Spanish attack at its very core. Considering his international career is most probably going to be over at the end of the tournament he will be giving it his all. He is strong, competitive and does not mind getting a little extra rough every now and then.



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