FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 FINAL: Spain Vs Netherlands, who will lift the 2010 Gold FIFA Trophy and make history

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FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 FINAL: Spain Vs Netherlands, who will lift the 2010 Gold FIFA Trophy and make history

So here we stand today, full of confusion with another favourite to pick as Germany stands ousted for the World Cup and thus one thinks who will it be that finally lifts the 2010 FIFA World Cup Trophy.

The prediction of Paul, the octopus again has been right and this takes his accuracy streak to 10 and the fan base global.

In a heart stopping match between Germany and Spain, glimpses of the 2008 Euro final were once again evident. It was again a single goal victory for Spain and as La Roja did in 2008, a header from Carles Puyol in the 74th minute of the game. It had the same impact and result for Spain, as they insured that their one goal advantage stayed till the final whistle is blown and thus made their first ever World Cup Final dream a reality.

So now it all boils down to the 11th of July final game at Soccer City in Johannesburg, where the Netherlands take on Spain in the last showdown of South Africa, which will determine a new World Champion for soccer.

South Africa has already etched its name in the history books as no matter who wins on Sunday, the FIFA officials will have to etch a new name on the Trophy as both nationals are yet to have won a World Cup for their respective nations.

Looking back at the game, the Germans looked completely dominated by Spain, as despite the first goal coming later in the second half of the game for Spain, they did manage to dodge the defence of the Germans on several occasions during the match thus creating many opportunities but sadly no execution to the nets.

Spain had more than 60 percent procession of the ball in the first quarter of the game, as the Germans continued with their counter-attacking strategy which so far had brought great dividends for them in South Africa.

The second half also began like the first, however this time Spain started their attack and as the clock moved closer to finish time, Spain’s aggression on the German goal started getting stiffer and thus the victory.

So now it’s time for the finals and the Netherlands so far have had a great run of success as they have managed to win all six of their games so far in the World Cup.

Spain on the other end is entering the Finals after tough matches throughout, as they played tournament favourites Germany to get into the finals and had lost their first match of the tournament to minnows Switzerland.

Thus with both teams playing well so far, the deciding factor in Sunday’s game, may be who holds up the strongest defence and the individual contributions.

Comparing both the teams in terms of individual strengths, Spain has the likes of the dangerous striker and the highest goal scorer of the tournament David Villa, who also stands as the key to his nation’s success.

Villa has so far scored five goals, Spains goalkeeper and Captain, Iker Casillas is also one of the best goalkeepers of all-time as he is gifted with a cool head, reflexes, and positioning, making him a great asset to the team.

Then they have the Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta tag team duo that have great understanding between them and thus can pass and score past even the best defence in the game.

In the end, they have their semi final hero, Carles Puyol who will be riding high on his semi final success and thus can prove lethal for the Dutch.

Coming over to the Netherlands now.

They also have the amazing Wesley Sneijder, who so far in the tournament has been instrumental in the Dutch victories and the mid field expertise of Arjen Robben.

The Dutch will be depending a lot on Robben for some on field magic one last time, as he is a great with the ball both in terms of scoring and crossing the ball.

Also like Spain, the Dutch have their pair of Mark Van Bommel and Nigel de Jong, who will be instrument in the Dutch defence against Spain on Sunday.

So then its time for the World Cup FIFA 2010, South Africa final, the stage is set, Colombian singer, Shakira will perform her ‘Waka Waka’ the official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup one last time. The clock is ticking and suspense is building all around the world, as the Dutch and Spanish prepare to take on an action packed final on 11th July in Soccer City.

One can be sure that the atmosphere will be electrifying this Sunday in Johannesburg, as two World Cup virgin nations battle it out, with the whole world watching.

May the best team win!!!



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