F1 News: The Korean Grand Prix will be a gamble – Renault’s Robert Kubica

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F1 News: The Korean Grand Prix will be a gamble – Renault’s Robert Kubica
Renault driver Robert Kubica stated that it would be very difficult to predict the Korean Grand Prix in any way since the track is going to hold its inaugural race this weekend, and the track is going to be very unpredictable due
to a number of unknowns about the circuit.
The Korean International circuit is a brand new circuit and was approved by the FIA just a week ago after bad weather delayed work on the track’s surface. Kubica said that the cars are going to be very unpredictable there and there
is no way the teams can assume how the cars will behave on that circuit. It will be interesting to see what the teams do on the first day of practice sessions on Friday.
“The track looks pretty interesting. There's a bit of everything: long corners, high-speed and low-speed sections, and the final sector seems quite challenging. A lot will depend on the level of grip that the asphalt has”, said
According to the track’s blueprint, it is going to be a high speed track and thus will favour the McLarens more rather than the Ferraris or Red Bulls.
“If the grip is high, then some of the corners will be easy flat; if it's low, they will be a big challenge. We have seen already this year, at races like Hockenheim and Canada, that the grip varies a lot with new tarmac”, he added.
The variation in the track makes it very difficult to drive and it will be more of a driver’s track rather than a car’s track.
Robert believes that like most of his rivals, Robert will complete several laps on the circuit using his team’s simulator before the race weekend in order to get used to the breaking points and atmosphere of the track. However,
these runs will become meaningless after he hits the track on Friday.
“I have seen the videos on YouTube and collected as much information as I can with the team. I will do some virtual laps to learn the layout before we walk the track with the engineers on Thursday,” Kubica said.
Kubica is currently ranked 8th in the season standing with 114 points; his rather disastrous run at the Japanese Grand Prix didn't help his cause much.
Kubica hopes to find out what the car requires after his first installation lap on the track so that he can help his team configure the car in its best shape. It will be a tough weekend and according to Kubica’s statements, this
weekend is going to be entertaining.



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