Ex boyfriends weighing heavy on my mind!

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  1. They May be on your mind for awhile expecially if you see them. But remeber you guys broke up for a reason. And to never go back there is always some one better.

  2. First of all...give them their space.  If they still love you that is a great thing.

    Read some books on the subject.  They teach you how to make the right moves which will make him want you back.  

    When I first read the books I noticed that all of their suggestions were opposite of what a normal person would do.  Once you read the books and start to understand what they are saying you will see that it makes so much sense to follow their ideas.

    I ended up getting my ex back even after we were broken up for four months.  

    The blog that explains all of this is located at I was basically in the same situation.  Before you do anything read some books on the subject before you make mistakes that you cannot take back.

    The most helpful info that I found was at and I think that it saved my five year relationship.

  3. Here are 5 simple steps to get him back if you cant get him off your mind. remember the key to these steps is to NOT look desperate.

    Good Luck

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