Eve Torres makes pompous speech on Monday Night Raw SuperShow – WWE News

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Eve Torres makes pompous speech on Monday Night Raw SuperShow – WWE News
Monday Night Raw SuperShow came with a couple of surprises. We not only saw The Rock electrifying the WWE Universe, we also saw a stronger and more arrogant Eve Torres justifying her past actions against Zack Ryder and John Cena.
Let’s recap – in the last two weeks we saw Eve Torres kissing John Cena in front of Zack, we saw Eve telling the Bella Twins that she is just using Zack and Cena, and we finally saw that same Eve falling on her knees in the ring and apologizing to John Cena.
By then, it seemed like Eve finally has realized her mistakes and she is all up to repent for it. However, this time, things got a little cheeky when the WWE’s hottest diva came into the ring to make a pompous speech no one had expected her to.
Eve Torres posed for a while when she was in the ring and then she said that every man loves it when a ‘hot’ woman like her uses him. She went on saying that all the men out there (pointing towards the crowd) want her and all she does is use them, so it
becomes a two road. She further said that she should not be hated for anything she has done since that is how human nature works. Lastly, she said men are weak and she has her natural strength, looking towards her body, to seduce them and use them. She left
the ring saying that instead of pointing fingers at her, men should rectify their mistake of getting seduced by a lady like her so easily.
This was not the end of Eve’s show. Once she left the ring, the camera took us backstage where we saw Kelly Kelly stopping Eve to ask her if she is okay. Kelly Kelly told Eve that their friendship has been dented and that Eve is not spending much time with
her. Kelly asked Eve if everything on her end is all right. To her dismay, Eve gave her a cold I-don’t-care smile and walked away. This was of course in connection with the whole ‘Eve acting arrogant’ script.



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