England’s win against Japan: Will it influence Fabio Capello’s World Cup squad

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England’s win against Japan: Will it influence Fabio Capello’s World Cup squad

Will England’s 2-1 victory over Japan today have any influence on Fabio Capello’s decision for his final 23 squad to take to South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

The 63-year-old Italian tactician declared today that his side was lucky and fortunate to produce a victory over Japan in Graz, Austria. He also added how the result has made no difference in any form to his squad selection.

Speaking after today’s game Capello said to Sky Sports "I know my 23 players, yes, I know. As for today - I'm happy for the second half. In midfield we played better, faster and found space.

"In the first half we were too slow and it was easy for Japan to defend."

"It was an interesting game for me. I saw a lot of players who didn't play before and learnt more about them," he added.

But the bitter reality of things is that seven players need to be axed from the provisional 30-man squad before Tuesday - when Capello announces his final squad.

One decision Capello is still waiting to make is with regards to Manchester City midfielder Gareth Barry's recovery from an ankle injury.

The England boss said: "We have to wait for Gareth Barry. We will decide on him after we have had the final check to see how long it will be before he can train with us.

"We have to know everything about this situation but I am not disappointed my mind is still the same."

With Barry injured the possibility of Gerrard and Lampard reuniting in central midfield looks likely with Capello admitting they had impressed him as a duo.

"They've never played together in the centre under me, but they played well," he said.

"They are good players, fast, with good quality and good going forward.

The Italian also praised Joe Cole but refused to give any indication as to whether the Chelsea midfielder would be going to South Africa.

"Wait and see. He is a very intelligent player and can play in different positions."

It has to be said that the game today had a tremendously dull start, and lacked the winning spirit needed. It was only until the second-half when key players including Cole were brought in to bring life back to the game, these are the sort of players that England need to be part of their elite 23 if there are to stand a chance of bringing the World Cup home.

If today’s friendly were to be against a team such as Spain or Brazil, it would be highly doubtful for the three lions to pull off such a result.

Emile Heskey was given 20 minutes to show what he can do. What he showed us was that he can't do anything. He missed a header from four yards out and tried to header another pass, but it went in the complete opposite direction.

If he gets onto the team, I will doubt the mind of Fabio Capello.

England’s next game will be against USA on June 12th , let’s hope for the nations sake that Capello gets it right and England bring home the prestigious cup.



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