Edgar Castillo makes it to the US Men’s national team yet again

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Edgar Castillo makes it to the US Men’s national team yet again
Jurgen Klinsmann has surprised many with his latest US national team call-ups. The German called in, who has played just a single game for the US team and that too came in 2009.
In that period, when Castillo was not called for international duty by the US selectors, the player featured thrice for the Mexican national team due to his dual nationality. Owing to new FIFA rules, the player can don the Stars and Stripes jersey again.
The player currently plays for Club America, Mexican Primera Division team, which is

coincidently in the US for an international friendly against at Cowboys

Stadium, Philadelphia.
“Klinsmann called me last night when the roster came out and he said he was happy for me to come into camp,” Castillo said. “I was happy to come here to represent the United States.”
Club America manager, Carlos Reinoso, however, had other plans for the player. “I would like that they play with the Mexican national team,” he said, “but they have double citizenship and they are going to play for the”
The defender posted 30 minutes last time, and the first, he played for the Yanks in an international friendly match against in 2009.
Following that, the Bob Bradley management did not bother considering Castillo for the The former Bayern Munich manager, on the other hand, believes that the left-back is polished enough, due to his stay in the Mexican football, to represent the US
national team.
During his two years with Club FC.
The player did not reveal the position that he will be taking on the pitch in an international friendly against on August 10, as the new manager has not cleared the air on that matter. For his part, Castillo has revealed that he would man any position
on the field if need be.



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