Eddie Jordan: Bruno Senna to replace Nick Heidfeld for 2011 Belgian Grand Prix – Formula 1 news

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Eddie Jordan: Bruno Senna to replace Nick Heidfeld for 2011 Belgian Grand Prix – Formula 1 news
Former team principal of Jordan Eddie Jordan has recently claimed that Lotus Renault GP will replace Nick Heidfeld with Bruno Senna for the 2011 Belgian Grand Prix which is expected to take place this coming weekend.
Heidfeld has been criticised by his team on many occasions now as the team claims that the driver did not deliver the results the team was expecting from him and that his experience has not benefited them in terms of development either.
The German driver became a part of the team quite unexpectedly this year after Robert Kubica went through a major accident during a rally event as a result of which he has not been able to take part in the 2011 Formula 1 season.
Either way, Heidfeld replaced the Pole and since the beginning of the 2011 Formula 1 season, Renault has not been able to perform consistently. They secured 2 podium positions in the first couple of races and after that, their performance deteriorated as
a result of which, Gerard Lopez has admitted that the team is not happy with Nick’s performance this year.
“I'm happy with his first part of the season but not totally happy with his leadership and performing within the team. We brought Nick in because he's a much more experienced driver than Vitaly and he did a very good job with the podium in Malaysia but he
has not consistently been what we would want from an experienced driver like him,” he said.
However, nothing has been confirmed yet regarding this replacement Jordan is talking about but it is quite believable as Senna has already been participating for the team efficiently as he is performing at most of the Friday practice sessions already.
Heidfeld on the other hand has not talked about the team’s attitude regarding him either which makes this whole situation quite amusing and now, anything is believable from Renault’s side.
Vitaly Petrov on the other hand has been giving satisfactory performances according to the team and his seat is not in danger.



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