Eddie Hearn confident about his boxer Carl Froch against Andre Ward – Boxing news

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Eddie Hearn confident about his boxer Carl Froch against Andre Ward – Boxing news
The Group Managing Director of the Matchroom Sports, Eddie Hearn, is highly confident of his fighter Carl Froch, as he vowed Andre Ward will be outclassed on the fight night.
The two-time and reigning World Boxing Council’s Super Middleweight champion, Carl Froch, and the current World Boxing Association’s World Super Middleweight champion, Andre Ward, who are set to meet in a much anticipated ‘Winner takes all’ final of the
Super Six Classics tournament on October 29, 2011 in Atlantic City, were both present at in Oakland yesterday at their final pre-fight press conference.
Hearn, who was also at the press conference, claimed Froch, who is widely known as the Cobra, is not human but rather a machine.
The 27-year-old, Andre Ward, is an undefeated American prospect who has won all of his 24 fights including 13 by the way of a knockout. Therefore, Hearn admitted he is a skilled fighter and he respects him a lot but on the same note the director remarked
Ward has never faced the Britain’s best.
Hearn said, “We have a lot of respect for Andre Ward and for the fans that have come here today. But I have some bad news for you: Carl Froch is not human. He’s a machine. Andre Ward says he’s been in the trenches, but he’s never been in trenches with England’s
In the end Hearn insisted it will an explosive fight and the crowd will love it.
Hearn added, “It’s going to be a h**l of a fight and I hope to see you all in Atlantic City.”
Dan Goossen of Goossen Tutor Promotions in the meanwhile responded to an excited Hearn. Though Goossen assured he agrees to Hearn regarding what he thinks about Froch, he said people will see Ward beating one of the best super middleweight contenders in
the world.
Goossen declared, “Carl is everything that Eddie Hearn says of him. He’s a great fighter and when Andre beats him he will be beating a great fighter and he will deserve the respect of a world champion.”



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