EPL News: Ferguson eyes third consecutive Carling Cup win as Wenger targets Cup competition

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EPL News: Ferguson eyes third consecutive Carling Cup win as Wenger targets Cup competition 
Sir Alex has set his sights on winning the Carling Cup for the third time in a row as his side prepare to meet West Ham United in the quarter finals of the competition in their matchup at Upton Park. Manchester United who are currently
the holders of the Carling Cup won it last year after they bested Martin O’Neill’s Aston Villa side at the Wembley stadium in the final match of the competition.
United have used the Carling Cup has a maturing experience for some of their more youthful stars such as Darren Gibson, Obertan, Da Laet and Macheda recently. Most of these players are expected to feature for United on Tuesday night as
they look to get through to the semi-finals of the competition.
Ferguson remarked on United’s run of wins with regard to the Carling Cup as he said, "It would be great to win it three times in a row. I think we were the first to win it twice in a row and that was a feat in itself. But the League Cup
is an interesting trophy now. We come into it a bit later and it gives me a chance to play the young players. Over the last three years the Da Silvas, Danny Welbeck and Macheda are among the players to have won a League Cup winners' medal.”
He added, "It's a healthy position for them to be in because they get to play in cup finals and judge how to handle it. The players who played against Wolves are hopefully the club's future. By the time they're 24 or 25, we hope they'll
be the next Manchester United stars."
Arsene Wenger has also come out and signalled Arsenal’s intent to make it big in the Carling Cup as he reiterated his belief that Arsenal will go all out for the win in all competitions they are competing in at the moment in the 2010-2011
football season. Wenger said, "We go from game to game and we want to do well. I said from the start of the season that we want to do well in all the competitions,"
He added, "At the moment we are two points from the top in the Premier League, we are in the quarter-final of the Carling Cup, still a good chance to qualify in the Champions League, so we will just go from game to game and do as well
as we can in every competition."
Wenger’s team has been criticized for losing points at the Emirates Stadium but the Frenchman retained a positive stance as he said, "Knowing how the Premier League is now, one advantage as a manger is you do not have to warn your team
because everybody knows how difficult it is to beat everybody. For me, in my squad the 25 players are the same level or all nearly on the same level, so it is just the form of the day, the sharpness and the fatigue factor that influences my decision"



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