Druids Misty Mo hot favourite for Stakes at Sunderland

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Druids Misty Mo hot favourite for Stakes at Sunderland
Druids Misty Mo, trained by J. Teal, is tipped to dominate the show in the Stakes, taking place at Sunderland on Thursday, February 16, 2012. The blue and brindle b***h is indeed the hot favourite, holding the winning chances of 11 to 10.
This 640 metre long Grade HP heat is due to get underway at 11:48. The ultimate champion will be awarded with a cash prize of £123.
Following is brigade of six exciting hounds, who are set to take part in the event.
Druids Misty Mo
Pretty Elegant
Toems Gold
North Jura
Clonlost Alfie
Mays Jet
Druids Misty Mo, can easily be declared favourite considering her brilliant recent performances. The b***h won three out of her last five races, prompting many betting experts to rate her high.
After completing her hat-trick comprehensively last month, she looked a bit rusty in her previous outing, where she finished second on the table. However, that does not take anything away from her, as the multicoloured b***h is still full of high spirits.
According to the betting forecast, no hound is likely to give her any hard time on the track. Yet, Killahan Phanter’s daughter, out of Supreme Hestia, cannot afford to be complacent. The novice b***h will have to go for a clear run in order to maintain her
dominance right through the event.
Putting money on someone else might be a bit risky tonight, but Pretty Elegant, holds enough to attract a few punters. The black b***h is carrying the second highest odds of 2 to 1.
Y. Bell’s trainee has a wonderful track record at this venue, and that might work as a morale booster for her. In the last outing, her speed was a bit ordinary, as she ended up third in the list. If she manages to beat, Druids Misty Mo, tonight, it will
drift her odds significantly for future races.
Toems Gold, and North Jura have been given a starting price of 11 to 2, each. Toems Gold is recommended for only those, who are looking to be on an underdog. The black dog does not have bright chances against the likes of Druids Misty Mo, and Pretty Elegant,
but if he comes up with an upset, his fans will automatically become rich overnight.
On the other hand, North Jura, will also have to be at her best to notch a decent place. Her latest performances are not impressive at all. Thus, her chances to do something extraordinary are less than 50 percent.
Likewise, Clonlost Alfie, and Mays Jet don’t have bleak chances today. They are the least favourite hounds in the competition, and supporting them might backfire.
As per the betting forecast, Druids Misty Mo, has obvious chances to seal the top slot. Among the opposition, Pretty Elegant is only big threat to her whereas, Toems Gold, and North Jura will battle hard for a place in the btop three.
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