Doyouwannalift to ace the Grade A1 400m flat race at Romford on 2nd May, 2012

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Doyouwannalift to ace the Grade A1 400m flat race at Romford on 2ndMay, 2012
The Grade A1 400m flat race is scheduled to take place at Romford on 2nd May, 2012, where six hounds will compete for the purse of £135 over a distance of 400 metres.

The D. Mullins trained, Doyouwannalift, will race as a favourite with the odds of 3 to 1.
The son of Killahan Phanter, out of Cherryhill Biddy, started his racing career on 25th February, 2012, and delivered a solid performance as he stood third.

The rest of his races took place at Romford, and he showed steady progression with each of them.
The black hound raced as a favourite and triumphed in the Grade A1 400m Flat race, where he crossed the wire ½ a length ahead of, Alis Valley, as he successfully completed the 400 metre course in 24.74 seconds.
On 25th April, 2012, Doyouwannalift finished as a runner-up, a short-head behind the winner Greensted Dream.

The hound is expected to excel today, if he brings something extra to the table, he will climb out of his position in second place and emerge victorious.
Prideoftopgolf could prove to be a thorn in Doyouwannalift’s way to victory. He has the next best odds, as he will enter the race with odds of 7 to 2, and based on his previous performances, this hound is gaining significant interest from the market.
Breaking out of trap 5, the son of Phoenix Paddy, out of Amandas Josie, will give it his all in attempt to crush all competition.

The hound has an advantage of racing all his career starts at Romford, which could turn out be the major difference in the outcome of the race.
The J. Reynolds trained hound succeeded over, Foxie Star, by 1 length in the Grade A1 400m Flat race on 19th April, 2012, a victory that has raised his esteem among his connections.
It is speculated that Doyouwannalift will take the race and emerge successful but Prideoftopgolf’s past experiences, and performances cannot be neglected. It will be a heated battle between the two hounds aiming to cross the wire first.
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