Dose anyone no where a 14 year old can find a part time job in london?

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Dose anyone no where a 14 year old can find a part time job in london?




  1. Only a paper-round as 14 is under age for any other job!

  2. Paper rounds or baby sitting  or odd jobs and errands ,, You cant work for shops etc until you are older, Only informally for a relation or family friend  on a market stall or similar   t


  3. For girls under the age of 15, I can definitely say, baby-sitting is probably the BEST job you can find, and probably the most comforting job, as well.

    All you have to do is post ads that you're offering a baby-sitting service with your telephone # or e-mail. I made $300 a week along with my friend, by babysitting from Monday-Saturday. I would work from 5:00-9:00 after school on most weekdays, and sometimes I would even babysit twice on Saturdays (although I preferred my weekends free, the $100 I earned for those days was definitely worth it).

    However, you need to be cautious when responding to ads. And you should always bring one of your parents with you. My parents would NEVER let me babysit unless they met the family first. It's usually best if you stick with one family on a day-to-day who will be willing to pay you as an alternative to what their daycare would cost them.

  4. before 16 try not to'll have to work for most time of your life...have fun now that you can and enjoy the time that you have!!

  5. you will need a N.I number to work full time or part time. you cant work when you are 14 only 16 an above.

  6. Paper round, milk round, baby-sitting, car cleaning, helping neighbours... usually these jobs are right under your nose. Just ask family & friends to help you out. Hope this helps.

  7. Have a look at the jobs advertised on Gumtree, or place an ad there yourself, it's free

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