Does this officially make me insane???

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Everyone always tells me that I'm crazy. Sometimes in a fun way but once in a while, I get uncontrollable bursts of energy. Sometimes they're angry, sometimes they are sexual, and sometimes just... flat out, "whatin the h**l?" I know my thoughts make sense to myself but not many people can even make sense of what I say... maybe i dont even know what I'm sayin' man.. idk


Astrology wise...

I'm a Virgo. (ego)

Moon in Gemini. (emotions)

Cancer rising.

...Anyone else think there astrological make-up makes them crazy??? whatsyosign?




  1. umm....yes!

  2. I'm guessing you are very mercurial, have a lot going on in your mind, since mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. The Cancer rising makes you sympathetic and moody. I think people think I'm whacked out with a Pisces sun and moon, and Saggitarius rising. I have been called nutty more than once in my life. My Virgo sister is married to a Gemini, and they have been together for around 15 years. And have 5 year old twins. So I guess you could get along with yourself if you tried.:)

  3. Who are we to define what is crazy and what is the norm?

    Maybe its crazy that people think you're crazy. Because maybe it's natural for you to act like that. Just because we act a little different from others doesn't make us crazy, we're just more in touch with ourselves. I know a cancer who is "Crazy", but more like "out there". Very mentally stable.

  4. lol well cancers can sure appear crazy so they way you appear is definitly gona do that and then your emotions may be quick and fickle and also your virgo is a mutable sign, making you even more fickly. not only that but the cancer rising, the way you are shown to the world sways.

    dont worry everything thingks theres something wronge with their chart!

    im a cancer sun, scorpio moon and aquarius rising

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