Does my budgie need a nest?

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I have a 2 and a half year old female budgie named Chippie ( :D ) and I was wondering if i need a nesting box or bed for her to sleep in.

Also when she came out of her cage today i noticed her feet had tiny amounts of skin peeling on them. She has plastic perches in her cage. Does she need twigs or something better?




  1. the best thing for her feet is textured perches, in a variety of sizes. the textures will keep her feet in good condition, and will help with keeping her nails filed. different sizes in perches are a neccessity - birds can actually get arthritis in their feet if their feet are always sitting in the same position.

    As long as she is not mating or laying eggs, she doesn't need a nesting box. They are really only needed for birds who are hatching eggs.  

  2. no nest or nest box is needed unless they are mating,   she might like a happy hut tho, my budgies looove happy huts! check out for good bird info

  3. No nest box unless you want eggs.  Even without a mate your hen will lay eggs if the right triggers are in place.  

    Also consider rope perches along with variable sized wood perches to keep her feet properly conditioned and healthy.  I rescued a Cockatiel with the worst case of bumblefoot that took months to rehabilitate because she had gotten infections in both feet and had to be on extended antibiotics, vet wrap and soft perches.  After the infections healed she ended up with some bad scarring and arthritis in each foot, so please get some different sized perches so she can keep her feet healthy.

  4. She shouldn't need a nest unless you have a male budgie in there too.  

    About the feet you may want to check out this clip... it tells you and shows you what types of perches and other accessories to get.

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