Does anyone remember the name of this group?

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It was a singing group that had like 5 girls in it. They were out like in the 90's and early 00's... Not the Spice Girls.. One girls name was Anais... Anyone remember?




  1. Play

    They have a song called I Must Not Chase The Boys

    lol =p

  2. Maybe...Atomic Kitten?

    Or Dream maybe?

    That's really all I can think of. Sorry.

  3. Play. It was actually in 2001, but close. Their names were Faye, Anna, Rosie, and Anais. Anna left, and a girl named Janet took her place. I used to love that band. Another person said Dream, and that is totally not this band - but I was their biggest fan when I was little, and personally, I like them even more than Play.

  4. Are you thinking of the Swedish band Play?

  5. Pretty sure it is Play... just like the first person, Blair  answered.

  6. all saint? i'm not sure

  7. Atomic Kitten..??


    Play. Have a good day!

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