Does anyone know where a 14 year old can get a part-time job for the summer in Miami,FL?

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I'm interested in fashion!




  1. publix!!! is a great place im 14 too!

    so thats were im applying 2!

  2. A job in fashion at age 14???   At your age most employers won't hire you.   Call the local fast food places and ask if they hire 14 year olds and then apply there.    There aren't too many job opportunities at your age so you can't afford to be choosey.

  3. I was going to say the same thing as well. Try Publix they do hire 14 year olds but on certain circumstances since you are only allowed to work so many hours a day. As an ex-employee from there they are a pretty good company to work for as long as you work hard and get everything done you will be fine.

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