Does any1 know about water <span title="nymphs,sorcers,fairys,enchantress,witch,healer,sea">nymphs,sorcers,fairys,enc...</span> goddess?????

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or enchantress?




  1. Yes, but it&#039;s impossible to know what it is you are asking. Could you be a little more specific?

  2. Yes. My brother tells me all of this stuff, he could go on for days.

  3. Water nymphs and mermaids are almost exactly the same.

  4. The Babylonoian Oannes the fish god ( Fisher King ). This is where Christians get the whole role of Jesus feeding people fish.

  5. ***GASP!!!!!!***

    YES! :O

  6. What exactly are you asking? Do we know of their existence in the real world? In the fantasy world? Their history?

    Simply answering if anyone knows about them is a simple &quot;yes,&quot; but I am sure you are looking for something more detailed. Ask a more detailed question.

  7. Yes, I am one!

  8. well sorcers are basically magicians but in greek mythology they are told to be wise and powerful and brave &lt;(^_^)&gt; hope this helps i will answer the others below = ]

  9. there are Gods and Goddessees for everything; fire, sky, clouds, even water. there are soem Goddesses for water; Ganga ji, Yamuna ji, Kaveri ji. Hindus believe that, and it&#039;s true.

  10. Yeah......They don&#039;t exist!

  11. Yep.

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