Do you think that love is a power that makes our hearts, yet our hearts cannot make that power?

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Do you think that love is a power that makes our hearts, yet our hearts cannot make that power?




  1. Love is the power that makes out hearts stronger. Love is able to conquer anything. Love comes within our brain not our heart. Hearts cant do anything unless the brain tells it too.Love is what we make it.

  2. Yes but if that's shutdown there is no more power left in U 2 make love

  3. I think that just because you can throw some words together to make a sentence doesn't mean that the sentence makes any sense.  Most of people's problems about ideas like you are playing with are just babbling.

  4. Hearts pump blood. Our mind and our hormones are what make us love.


  5. Love is a power; it can control us and make us do great or stupid things. I think we feel love in our heart. I think we can’t make our heart feel love, our hearts are the vessel.

    A vase does not make the flower, the flower is put in it.  

  6. I think I understand what you are saying but correct me if I'm wrong. I don't believe that love is a power that makes our hearts. Everyone has a "heart" (I put heart in quotations in that obviously every living human being has a heart but I think you mean it in the untangible sense). You will find some people who do not love but they do have a "heart". Love is an emotion or a feeling. It does not make up a "heart". I believe that we are made in God's own image. God is a perfect example of love. If we are all made in his image, than we all have the capability to love but in this fallen world not everyone loves. It makes sense in my mind but I can't seem to put it into words. :-P

  7. no. love is an emotion.

  8. i think love comes from the soul within,and its very powerful it can even wake a person up from a coma it could give you strength to do wounderful things that no other feeling can .I dont know any other emoition that has the power to makes a person want to stop doing drugs  

  9. Only romantic love can be thought of in that way. The day to day, living together is a completely different thing. If you want real love to last, you have to woek at it for many, many years.

  10. I like your questions.

    and your smile.

    and your powerful heart.



  11. the tao you can name is not the tao.

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