Do first love relationships ever work?

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So I am dating a guy that I care a lot about. (He's 20 I'm 19) the only thing is, I am his first girlfriend and first love, and I am worried that it wont work out because of it.

I was wondering if anyone knew any instances where first relationships and loves lasted.




  1. um im with my girl she was the first gf but the first i lost my virginity 2 2 and were very much in love. but i think first relationship usually dont because people are naturally curious and like to experience differnt things and people.

  2. my grandma married 1st love

  3. in mine yes been together since i was 15 and him 15 (12 years married) and still love him

  4. I would say that it doesn't matter if a relationship is your first one or one of several.  A relationship is based on the two characters involved.  Do you have a bond?  Are you compatible?  Do you have fun together?  Can you agree to disagree without feeling that you need to revenge?  Can you talk about any and everything?  Are you honest with each other?

    A relationship is work - just think of it, do you not have to work to develop a strong, lasting relationship with your mother, father, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, etc.  These people are family but the bonds that are achieved are often based on time, work and interactions over several years, even decades.

    Therefore, though this relationship may be the first of one for both of you, it will require the same effort to make it strong and long-lasting.  If you go on that premise, then you will see that it is possible to grow your relationship.  If you believe that this guy is worthy of your love and trust, then you will be delighted to put in the time necessary to make it work and one day look back on it with fondness.

    Good luck and focus on what you have in common outside of the first love part of it.

  5. I have known some people who married their first love. some ended up divorcing, but some lasted a long time. i knew a couple who knew they loved each other in junior high! they got married as soon as they were allowed to and they have been married for at least 40 years. so, ya, in can happen. also, i know plenty of other couples who married their high school sweetheart and are still happily married. Don't stress about whether or not this relationship is going to work out just because you are his first love. The two of you are very young, but hey, you never know, the two of you might be destined to be together, You will know sometime in the future whether or not you two will last or if both of you were meant to be with someone else. just enjoy the relationship and love with all your heart. just remember that you are young and have a lot of future ahead of you. good luck girl! don't stress! :)

  6. Anything can work, if you truely put your mind to it. A lot of people marry there "first loves" but the divorce rate is pretty high. But you 2 are very young, just like i am. SO anything could happen, you could find someone else, he can too...Just enjoy what you two have right now, whatever happens happens :-) For him to know if you truely are the one for him you two may want to try a break,same with you maybe not now, but if it comes to that point in a few years or so. Recently, the love of my life and i brokeup...Unfortunatly, I wasnt his first true love...but he sure was mine...It is a very hard thing to deal with when you lose that person you fell in love with. But if you love him as much as he loves you. Dont let anything get in between the love you share :-)

  7. Miss, people date all the time, in fact a lot before they meet the right one.  You have more time in your life to date around than you think.  Follow your heart because that way you don't have to listen to what everyone else thinks.  Pride is nothing when it comes to matters of the heart.  Whatever you do, don't sabotage anything.  If things are working out, don't mess with it.  I know a couple first love relationships that ended up in marriage but divorced within 5 years.  You may be in 1 or 2 deep relationships before you find the right one.  It happens in life.

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