Dinko Jukic and Dominika Bilac impress in Zagreb: Day three - 2011 Golden Bear

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Dinko Jukic and Dominika Bilac impress in Zagreb: Day three - 2011 Golden Bear
Day three of the 2011 Golden Bear set-off with the impressive performance of Austrian swimmer, Dinko Jukic and Dominika Bilac at Zagreb, Croatia, on Sunday, July 3.
Jukic completed his distance in a winning time of 1 minute and 57.08 seconds. More importantly, he beat Laszlo Cseh’s previous record of 1 minute and 57.53 seconds, set back in 2009. Despite his scintillating effort, he was not able to break his season best time of 1 minute and 56:65 seconds.
Dinko Jukic is an accomplished swimmer of Austria, who has the expertise in both Individual Medley and butterfly races. He nabbed the Men’s 400m Individual Medley and 200m butterfly titles at the 2008 and 2010 European Championships in Rijeka and Eindhoven. Jukic’s ultimate desire is to win his first ever Olympic gold medal at the upcoming Olympic Games, in London, 2012.
Meanwhile, Sasa Kuznar wound up second in the respective race in a time of 2 minutes and 06.63 seconds. The third place on the podium was secured by Marijan Goricki in a time of 2 minutes and 07.67 seconds.
Dominika Bilac clinched the Women's 200m butterfly crown with a victorious time of 2 minutes and 28.55 seconds. Laura Herek earned second place honours in 2 minutes and 34.86 seconds, while Paula Klunic rounded out the top three after she touched the finishing wall in 2 minutes and 36.73 seconds.
In another event, Ante Cvitkovic snagged the Men’s 100m back-stroke race with a sterling time of 56.49 seconds, while Petar Petrovic finished second in 56.94 seconds. The third place went to Gordan Kozulj in 57.80 seconds.
Sanja Jovanovic took home the Women's 100m back-stroke crown with a winning time of 1 minute and 02.91 seconds, whereas, Kim Daniela Pavlin wound up second in 1 minute and 03.96 seconds. Ivana Bolanca earned the bronze finish on the podium in a time of 1 minute and 07.63 seconds.
The Golden Bear meet is an excellent opportunity for swimmers to train themselves hard for the upcoming FINA World Championships, in Shanghai, this July.



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