Detroit Red Wings: Red Alert Hockeytown 4?

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Do you think that they will make another DVD considering they have and the red alert 3 was great (2002 cup season). This will be a great dvd if they do!




  1. the dvd that your talking about on isnt the 4th hockeytown video, its just the one that the nfl/nhl/nba/mlb/ncaa always make and advertise for the team who won their championship...but there will for sure be a 4th hockeytown video hopefully out in the next few weeks and im pumped as h**l for it......o and btw to whoever said they like the '97 one the best....i also own all 3 and i must say i agree with the fact that it was great because of the colorado fight, mccartyts goal, and of course that was our first cup in 42 years or something....but for me its the 2002 video... with that tape of steve yzerman yelling its in the net! its in the net! and everyone could hear him...and then it was a goal...and that 7-0 blowout in game 7 ...and larionov's goal in 3 ot....oo and lidstroms half ice goal which triggered us to come back in that vancouver series and go all the way....i still dont believe he did that again in nashville this year thats unreal. this is by far the most ive typed ever outside of english class assignments. GO WINGS

  2. Right after the Wings won the 2008 Stanley Cup, I saw a commercial for Red Wings gear, and a DVD was one of the items.

  3. i hope! i want one!

    and i want one of those big team photos. we have one of the '97 season. its a great picture

  4. Like Soviet said, they have one out already.  It's advertised on  I have the Detroit Red Wings: celebration of champions DVD, and it has all 3 years of cup wins on it.  As for the person who asked if they have actual games, this DVD has 5 full games, voted as the best ever by the fans, which include:

    Game 7 WCSF against St. Louis in '96.  (Yzerman's 2OT goal)

    Game 3 SCF vs. Carolina in '02 (Larionov's 3OT winner)

    Game 7 WCF vs. Colorado in '02 (7-0 domination sending Roy to the bench)

    Game 4 SCF vs. Philly (1st cup in 42 years)

    March 26, 1997 vs. Colorado (The Brawl in Hockeytown).

    Along with these games are the 3 years of cup wins:

    Hockeytown, Return to Hockeytown, and Red Alert-Hockeytown 3.  If any Wings fan does not have this DVD, it is a MUST buy!

  5. for sure, i have all 3 my fav is still the 97 one with all the drama and suspense and the long drought, i can still feel the hit from vladi konstantinov on that philly flyer at center ice!

  6. Do these DVD's have actual games on them?  I saw the one on, and it's just highlights.  I want to actually watch games, not see highlights.

  7. oh man! i hope so!

    do you know where i can get the other 3?!

    I saw the commercial for's dvd... but i don't think it's the same one.

    and... i would assume that there would be another one... if there's money to be made in it, they'll make it.

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