Day trip to Blarney stone from Dublin?

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Hey there,

me and a friend are coming out to Dublin for a few days. We wanted to go to the Blarney stone, which is just out of Cork if I remeber right. Is it possible for us to do it in a day? And what would be the cheapest way for us to get out there? Any other general travel tips would be appreciated.





  1. Here's the answer I gave to someone else who asked a similar question:

    Train to Cork and then bus from Cork to Blarney. The train is pretty expensive though - about €65 for a return trip. The trains leave Heuston station (Dublin) every hour on the hour, and leave Cork every hour on the half hour. From close to the bus station in Cork, you can get the bus to Blarney. The timetable is here - click on route no. 224.

    Another option would be to get the bus from Dublin to Cork instead of the train- it'll be cheaper but takes an hour longer. It leaves the bus station in Dublin every two hours (even numbers) and costs €18 return I think.

  2. I would hire the services of that little lamb that always answers the Irish questions and go galavantin around the beautiful irish countryside that I love, it'll only cost ya a few bunches of clover......


    Good Luck. = )

  4. Get an international driver's license before you get there, rent a car (remembering to drive on the left), call ahead to arrange for a B & B overnight and drive yourself there.   I spent 3 weeks driving all over Ireland .  I had a B&B lined up for the first night and after that just called ahead each day to the town where I wanted to stay.   B&B's give you an "up close and personnal" view of day to day life.  I enjoyed the entire trip.

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